Life just got a little easier for Seattle's wine collectors.

OK, wine connoisseurs - you’re downsizing to a condo or an apartment and you’re not sure what you are going to do with that massive wine collection. Or maybe you caught the wine bug and you want to start collecting in the city. BUT your already small storage locker is ill-equipped and loading twenty cases in your second bedrooms is awfully expensive storage at $800 per sq. ft. Fear not because PHENOL55 is here (sounds a little like a superhero doesn't it?). Owner Chris Abbott has this all figured out. Either drop off your collection to their professionally managed, South Seattle storage facility or, if you have more than 25 cases, ask them to pick it up. Your collection will enjoy a safe, secure and perfectly optimized “cool and dark” cellar climate conditions to age to perfection. Wine storage is an art form and an investment – just ask the experts. Phenol55 is named after “phenols”, organic compounds that affects the taste, color and mouth feel of wine as it ages and is paired with number “55” – the ideal temperature to store wine. Think of them like a “Designated Deliverer” because upon pressing a few buttons on your IPad app or via the member website – your selections from your cellar will be delivered to your home or your restaurant of choice on demand. Cool huh? Pictured above: The member website and iPad app allows patrons of PHENOL55 to browse their collection and have selections delivered, either by the bottle or by the case for about the price of a taxi ride. Wine is big business as is the luxury condo market. In fact some new developments, like Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue, have found it to be a perfect pairing. Now 97% sold, this 143-unit condominium located above The Pike Place Market commands an average purchase price of $1.7 million and has become synonymous with high-end living. In fact many of the homeowner testimonials include photos of them enjoying a glass of wine in their home. Assuming so the developer incorporated 50 individual wine cellars below grade, which have sold for an average $5,000 (all but one has sold). There are also private work studios (sold out), which are essentially oversized storage lockers in the garage levels and fetch up to $100,000 each. Several include some wine storage but again, the space is too valuable not to be used as everyday living space like a home office, yoga studio, an art studio or as a multi-purpose room. Pictured above: Homeowners Rich and Berny Rosenberg are photographed on the residences roof deck of Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue enjoying a glass of wine – a popular theme among the many testimonials offered on the project website. “The wine lockers are a thoughtful amenity and can hold about 300 bottles in a rack but space is limited, of course,” says Julie Biniasz, a Community Sales Associate with Citrone at Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty. “Many homeowners incorporated small storage racks into their home but that’s more of a convenience vs. a collection. New solutions like Phenol55 will be a welcomed option for a growing downtown population.” Residents thinking about building an urban cellar should consider the costs says Abbott. He offers the following comparison to outline the difference between building a cellar and using PHENOL55:
“The numbers get even more compelling when you consider that at PHENOL55 you only pay for what you are storing,” says Abbott. “So if you really only have 75 cases most of the time in your 100 case locker in your condo, your cost per case is really $745 which equates to 18 years of storage at PHENOL55. Savings aside, this is all about service.”
Biniasz also reminds homeowners that local restaurants have crazy mark ups for premium bottles of wine. She says it could actually be cheaper to call up one of your own bottles from PHENOL55 and have it delivered, even after paying the corkage fee. “Selection is another important consideration,” adds Biniasz. “The restaurants don’t always have the best inventory so it’s nice to know you can draw on your own collection in a convenient and cost-efficient manner. PHENOL55 is a fabulous idea.” To learn more about starting your collection at Phenol55 visit their website at: