Creating a Market in a Low-Inventory Climate

I have spent the last several months looking for houses for clients--without much luck.  Truth-be-told, there isn't much out there in terms of active homes on the market. Sparse is an understatement.
My friend and fellow broker, Jason Wall, wrote THIS on the reasons for having a low inventory. Dean Jones, owner of Realogics Sotheby's Realty says THIS on the low inventory. 

My initial response to this dismal market was...


Necessity is the mother of invention. So I got inventive. My job is to find houses that meet my clients' needs. I love my clients. I want them to love me. I became a home match-maker. This resulted in two homes matched with two of my wonderful clients in January alone. Both homes weren't on the market. Within budget, right neighborhood, and overall, seemingly too good to be true. Chris, my client, called me a "Time Travelling Agent." I'll take it, Chris! 


                                            Take THAT low inventory!

The moral of this story is that sometimes the real estate market is dictated for us. And sometimes we get to dictate the market. This may feel like a silly blog post, but the truth is, this has been a frustrating and exciting time in real estate. And I'm ALWAYS up for a challenge!