While I've actually never seen the episode of House Hunters I was in a couple years ago,  I had a lot of fun filming it! Watching myself on television makes me shake and nauseous, but the filming part--no problem. So when asked to film another episode, I of course said yes!

Nick and Hillary, 

When House Hunters asked if I had clients that would be up for the task, Nick and Hillary I knew would be great sports. Nick and Hillary are amazing people. I love them.  Nick is a wine rep and Hillary is an attorney, and together they always have me laughing and loving my job.   So a few weeks later, a camera crew, sound guy, and producer show up on their door ready to invade their lives, and Nick and Hillary are game!

Nick and Hillary are also very tall. I am not. So I sported the highest heels my I could handle. But at the end of showing every home, we did one-on-one confessionals. And I took that opportunity to give myself a break and ditch the heels!

We got to tour some incredibly beautiful houses in Magnolia, Laurelhurst, and Green Lake. Working with a different crew made for a completely different experience this time! But everyone was so wonderful! Thank you to the wonderful crew sent on behalf of and HGTV! 

Barefoot during my interview. No one will see my feet on t.v.!

The Crew: Hillary, Ed the sound guy, Susan the producer, Chris the cameraman, me, and Nick. 

 And to find out which house they choose, you'll just have to tune in!  Air date is still unknown but will keep everyone posted!