My clients always ask me the same question when thinking about selling their home. "When is the best time to list our house?"

There is no secret time of year to list your home. There is no "best" time to list your home. So the answer, as silly as this is about to sound, is to list it when it's ready and when you're ready. Meaning you the sellers are prepared to have your home on the market and you think you know what your next move is, and that your home has all of it's odds and ends tied up and it looks polished for potential buyers.

 Seattle can look dreary in the winter months and of course your yard looks better in the spring. But if you list your home in the winter, then it will competing with other homes also listed in the winter. If you list it in the spring, same concept. 

I sell houses year round. A couple of years ago, the holidays were my busiest season.  Last year the holidays were slow. There's really no predicting the market. The facts are that peoples' lives are always changing, families are growing, empty nesters are downsizing, and all of these things drive the market. Divorce, babies, jobs, don't really have a particular busy season--and so neither does home selling. People need a place to live all year round.

Here are some pictures of different houses I've listed throughout different times of the year.

Listed in November. I had the photographer take photos at dusk because it gets dark really early in late fall in Seattle. Trying to resonate with the potential buyers that this home is warm and cozy. This house sold after one day on the market for almost 5% over asking price and closed just after Christmas. 

This adorable home was listed in January. Quite possibly the dreariest month out of the year in Seattle. It sold in two days. The photographer added a blue sky for some color. But what is not seen is this home has an amazing garden out front in the spring and summer. But considering it's competition, the yard didn't factor into it's desirability in January. 

Listed in June, this house was on a busy street and took a little longer to sell. But it got amazing light and through the summer months, people appreciated it's walk score and size. Through the summer, there are probably more homes on the market than any other time of year. The home still sold in under 2 months for just under asking price. 

Listed in the summer time, this home sold in Green Lake for $900k before I could even get it on the market. Remodeled to the hilt, and in a prime Tangletown location. 

Listed in May, this house in West Seattle sold and it had a lot of competition. My clients took amazing care of the lawn, and it definitely drew people's attention. We played with a lot of spring ideas inside as well, creating a sense of excitement for the impending summer. Citrus fruit, hydrangeas, lemonade, you get the idea. 

Listed in the spring, this home on a major arterial was beautifully designed. While not in a terribly hot market at the time, this house shined. I received 5 offers in the first few days, and the house ultimately sold for well over asking price. Listed at the end of March (2012). Sold immediately. It's stage presence was undeniable. Keri Petersen of KP Spaces put her final touches on it before it hit the market to really give it that polished look.