Last October I flew to Austin, Texas with my friend and interior designer, Keri Petersen. She was attending Design Camp, a conference for designers from all over the world to connect and learn. I went because it seemed like a great reason to go to Austin, a city I'd wanted to visit for forever! While I was there, I mingled with some of the attendees, and started speaking about how valuable Keri has been to my business. Keri helps design, redesign, and/or stage almost every single one of my listings. Little did I know, I was speaking with Lori Dennis, the organizer of Design Camp. And on the spot, she invited me to speak at the conference in Seattle. I was honored and of course said yes!

**Below are some highlights of our trip to Austin. I don't have any from the conference, but you get the idea.

Seattle Design Camp took place May 1st-3rd. Keri and I were scheduled to speak on the last day of the conference, the second to last speakers. This was a first for both of us as far as public speaking goes. The last "talk" I gave was at a memorial, and before that, it was for junior class president in high school. I felt a little out of practice. And this was for sure my first PowerPoint. A lot of pressure. But after months of prep, I must say, Keri and I nailed it.

My power point. In the Seattle Design Center. In front of over 125 designers from around the country. 

I actually love conferences. They sometimes get a bad wrap because they have a reputation for being "boring." However, the conferences I've attended have always left me with great info, and if I learn just one thing, I consider it a success. This was such a fun experience for me. Keri and I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot, too. I'm not even an interior designer, but being in real estate, having an edge in design gives me an edge. Here are some photo highlights. 

Lastly, I leave you with my presentation. You can click through my Power Point though I don't really feel it captures my panache--You'll get the idea!