Prepping a home for market {Before & After}

This summer I was approached by long-time client, Hillary, to sell her grandma's home. Her grandma took meticulous care of her home and kept it in overall fantastic shape in the 40 years she lived there. But like so many homes, especially those that have been lived in for decades, we knew that with a little facial (not facelift!), it could really shine! 

Here's how we approached it. The outside needed only a few alterations to help it feel welcoming. There was a huge flood light, some dying flowers, a big metal security screen, and an overall lack of color. We changed out the light, changed the address numbers, added some new flowers and colorful pots, and voila, cozy and welcoming. 


2014-09-18 08.00.37.jpg

Just a quick tidying up and you can see the big difference it makes. Also, removing the security door/screen, hose reel, and black doormats/carpet were subtle but meaningful changes that helps set a more engaging tone. The new light is the right size for the house, and the modern numbers are an easy way to make the entrance feel updated. New address numbers are a very easy way to give a new feel an exterior. 



Carpet, sconce, faded walls, old window treatments. 

Choosing the stain. 

Nutmeg stain, sconce gone, goodbye old curtain rods. 

Pictured above is the living room. The left photo shows the old window treatments, faded walls, random light sconce , and very old carpet. The carpet was in great shape considering it's age--but underneath was untouched oak. I put the stain choices out to the social media-sphere asking for feedback. The overwhelming choice was the stain on the right, "nutmeg." Next, I brought in Eduardo with Rema Flooring and picked and began the transformation. Sol then removed the sconce, took down the old window treatments, the old curtain rods, and we let Eduardo do what he does best. 


The after is undeniable. I also brought in Lisa Sand of Sand Design to stage and design the space. A large room like this had many different layout options. Our goal was to capitalize on the natural light, territorial view, without losing the beautiful fireplace. Midcentury homes are known for big corner windows and vaulted ceilings. They were designed to entertain. We ran with this concept and Lisa's vision of creating a modern-day chic livable space is achieved. 



The hardwood floors add depth and warmth. The white paint is reminiscent of the 1959 vintage of the home. 

Here are more before and afters--because who doesn't LOVE a good before and after? This home is now ready for new owners. And our clients are ready to pass the torch of a fantastically built 1959 home onto a new legacy. No doubt whoever buys this home is going to appreciate it's timeless appeal, chic spaces, and overall cool vibe. 

Because this house was already in great shape, the aesthetic was all that needed to be tackled. The carpet everywhere made the spaces feel small and overwhelmed the space. Fortunately, that carpet was protecting floors that had been covered for nearly 40 years! The result is expansive spaces where the floors and the walls and the ceiling, complimented by the brick and the huge windows all have their own positive results. Of course, good staging is always the icing on the cake. 

The main floor lacks lighting in the living room. Overhead lighting would be great, but because we removed the wall sconces, we have relied on lamps and daylight to make the space shine. The sconces distracted from the vaulted ceilings, and lamp lighting creates a warm glow.

Built-in shelves can get lost unless given purpose. And the paint took about a week because of the vaulted ceilings and just the sheer size of the rooms. The brick also got a thorough cleaning. And of course Reagan helped by bringing froyo to Sol on one of our rare warm October Seattle days. 

Our goal is to leave no space neglected. The main living spaces are often what draw people in most, but the bedrooms can be real selling points as well. People will picture themselves, their children, their office areas, etc. in these spaces and making sure they look polished is always best. These bedrooms needed new paint because when the floors were done, there was a ring around the room where the moulding had to be adjusted. Also removing the metal curtain rods, adding new moulding, and good design brings it all together. 

I have been meaning to write a post like this for literally years but have always been neglectful about taking "before" photos. Whenever someone wants to know what the return is on these sorts of investments, I can usually with confidence say that flooring, lighting, and paint are the biggest returns on the investment. We shall see today when we review offers! 

**UPDATE: Three offers received after 6 days on the market, over asking price, closing in just one month!