Last week I had the honor and privilege of meeting Diane von Furstenberg in Bellevue at her store with a small group of women to celebrate the DVF store and her book, The Woman I Wanted To Be.

How did get invited to such a VIP event is the question my people want to know. Answer: Stacy Jones, owner of Realogics Sotheby's Realty, aka my office, is wonderful. She's almost always on "the list," and was generous enough to put me on the list as well. And because Stacy is so wonderful I'd be remiss by not also mentioning that Stacy is a big reason I have pushed myself as hard as I have in the last 4 years since joining Sotheby's to be the Realtor that I am for my clients, my family, and myself. Stacy--I love you. 

Stacy was styled by DVF's entourage. This picture isn't doing her outfit justice. And it's a shame the shoes were cut out because they were uh-may-zing.

Diane was gracious, smiled the entire night, and when I spoke to her, she thanked me for coming. No problem, D. It was this or Harvest Night at Reagan's elementary school. Sometimes the hard choices are the ones you make in order to meet a legend. 

Above: Left to right, my good buddy, Lisa Sand of Sand Design, Andrea Savage who does beautiful office marketing, and Carrie DeBuys, my fellow broker. 

Left: Diane and one of the contestants on her reality show, "House of DVF."  

It was such a fun night and just an example of the many opportunities I've been blessed with since joining this fantastic company. I'm so grateful to be part of this real estate firm. It's so much more than houses and property. It's always about the people. And I love my people. 

Diane, thanks for being so gracious and lovely. Thank you for rocking the sheer black nylon and open-toed heel. Thank you for showing greatness and kindness can go hand-in-hand. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm now off to to be the woman I want to be!