Selling Now Versus Selling Later | Why Now Is The Time To Sell

The seasonal sales surge normally associated with second quarter home buying trends started much earlier in 2014 and prospective buyers and sellers are playing catch up.

Here are a few considerations:

  • With today's low mortgage rates (less than half the historic average) buyers have more purchasing power (lower monthly payments allow for qualifying at higher purchasing prices)

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? List your home now...

  • With low inventory and multiple offers common many homes are selling quickly and above asking prices (more homes will sell during the second quarter of the year than any other time)
  • By selling today, you can reenter the marketplace in a new home before anticipated value escalation and take advantage of low interest rates (increasing your own purchasing power)

A top question of my clients is if it worth waiting for home values to go up in order to sell. What if I told you that I thought you could get the future value of your home now, not later? What if I said that the 10% in extra equity is here now if you just execute the proper strategy. I encourage you to challenge yourself to determine what you think the value is of your property, and add 10%. See if that is a number worth selling for.