Straight Outta Inventory


Straight Outta Inventory

I feel like a broken record with the repeating theme of low inventory, and no real end in sight for this trend. However, my experience this year is that buyers have become more savvy, leveraging low interest rates and thorough knowledge of the market, to still achieve their real estate goals. Additionally, my sellers have come out with relatively smooth transactions and higher than expected results. If you're looking to buy in this market, let my team know! We have sold almost $5 million in off market properties this year! You don't know unless you ask!


4 Good Reasons to Sell Right Now

 1.The Fed announced last week that they will delay raising interest rates until later this year. Win-win for buyers and sellers. 
2. Lower inventory throughout the holidays--capitalize on that! Buyers are still looking, and they'll want to utilize the low rate while they can! Be the home to pick! 
3. School is in session, days are shorter, and there's no more after-work recreation. Motivated buyers will make time after work to house-hunt instead of taking advantage of Seattle's summer weather. 
4. No time like the present, guys. If you're ready, the market is, too. Just stating the obvious

Making Headlines

Alison Grande of KiroTV and Annie Zak of the PSBJ reached out to me regarding a home I sold this summer because the results and process were astounding.
It took a village of people to prepare this great house for the market, and I couldn't have been happier with the results.
Selling for more than 23% over the asking price, and to a family that didn't get to see it in person until the week they closed on it! This is an example of why good marketing, technology, and a great realtor, are all key components in today's market. 

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