Best Listing Photos of 2015 {Making Every Home a Sotheby's Home}

In 2015, we sort of rocked it. Sol, Loren, and I had so much fun last year and decided to compile Savvy Seattle's Top 10 of 2015 listing photos. So here they are in no particular order. 

10.That Time Spring Happened in January

One might not normally picture January as the time to post up on a roof top deck to enjoy the views of Green Lake. But last January was bizarrely sunny, almost warm, and provided us with the opportunity to use spritzers and berries as part of outdoor staging--and it turned out awesome! After 6 days on the market, this home, listed for $1.285m sold for $1.325m, a new record for price per square foot on the lake! 

9. The After

We call this picture "The After" because this room is one of our all time favorite transformations. This photo represents what we're all about. Our clients' busy family was overwhelmed, and turned to us for the ultimate in transformation. They gave us full reign to strategize/plan/stage, and the outcome was a mid-century living room with modern touches, open seating, and helped maximize the real treat--that view of the Puget Sound. A special thanks to Lisa Sand Design for staging and working with us to pull it off! 

8. When They Let Us Paint the Door Green

Our clients are so rad. They let us take their old, tired, but beautiful, Colonial home in Ravenna and paint it "whatever" we thought would look best. White house, black trim, green doors, and palms in pink (obviously) pots. Selling for 23% over the asking price, this was a risk that paid off. The rest of the house was also gorgeous (see below). 

7. The PNW Kid Room

One of my favorite families bought this house a few years ago, had a baby, outgrew the house, and what started as an office evolved into one of my favorite kids room. We didn't have to do much to this room (or the house) to get it ready because my client has a passion for eclectic design. I loved the way the pink, contrasted with the wood and darker grays. The family that bought it was a couple pregnant with their first baby. I love it when things come full circle. 

6. Twilight in the Sitting Room


I love this picture and this house so much for the life and beauty one feels upon entering. My clients also are stellar, design savvy, Magnolia-dwelling lifers, so of course the black window grids, layered rugs and vintage chairs pretty much set the perfect stage for this twilight photo. But I think the pink tulips really did the trick. Sold in under a week, with 8 offers, for $100k over the asking price. 

5. Small but Mighty


I met the owners of this townhome by accident. Ryan meant to email a listing to Jessica (his fiancè), but instead sent to me (the listing agent). While they didn't end up buying my listing, they did end up with me listing their home and helping them buy one in Innis Arden. This picture perfectly captures who they are. They're fun, spirited, welcoming and cool. While this may just look like a picture of a little yard for a town-home, it's one of my favorite for it's mood and vibe. 

4. The Summer Dining Room

Is there a better place to be in the summer than Seattle? The days are long, warm, and beautiful. When these clients contacted me, they told me I had "free reign" to tell them what to do. They were relocating to Vashon, and handed me the keys. Lisa Sand Design pulled together a paint schedule, changed out the dining light, staged the home, and what was left was magical. Sometimes dining rooms are best at dusk.

3. The Chairs on the Dock


For Sol's childhood friend and his wife, they were ready to move from the beautiful (condo lifestyle) of the Kirkland Waterfront, onto somewhere with more space. To achieve this picture, in the middle of fall, we hoofed out to the end of the dock with my striped chairs and turquoise cooler, posted up, and had the always adventurous Cory Holland snap a picture from behind. We risked falling into the frigid Lake Washington, but we achieved exactly the angle I was hoping for. 

2. The Sit and Stay A While

Seattle is full of old houses with unique layouts that we need to re-work with our modern furniture and lifestyles, and it's not always easy. Often in old Craftsman or Tudor homes, the living room is split by the front door opening in the middle of the house. A lot of people struggle with how to arrange furniture in these kinds of living rooms. I've seen it done several ways, but this one won me over. After Sol delegated and project managed several preparatory steps to get this special house market-ready, Trina Kelly (owner/designer at House of Pierre) rearranged and staged this home using mostly furniture our clients owned. After seeing their home finally ready for the market, our clients couldn't believe that they'd never thought to arrange the furniture this way. Also, this home sold with 8 offers, at 22% over the asking price. Whoop whoop! 

1. The Extra Room We Didn't Have a Plan For

Remember the house with the green front door? That house had loads of space, a character trait not often found in old Seattle homes. Just beyond the dining room, with a doorway to the living room, was this sun room. And it is SO COOL. But for a while, we couldn't think of what to do with it. After much debate, this was the conclusion. Lisa Sand honored the space with a mid-century Eames-esque lounge chair, some books, a bar cart, and a palm tree. It quickly became my favorite spot in the house. **As an aside: At the open house the little girl (now an elderly woman) who grew up in this house came to see it now. She had dozens of stories about the home, growing up in the neighborhood, etc. And I asked her what her parents had used this space for, and she told me her mom set up her sewing machine and would sew all the kid's clothes by the window. Wow--times have changed! 

That's our top 10 and it was REALLY hard to narrow it down. I have dozens of other pictures I would have included but we had to pick. We are so looking forward to continue telling these beautiful stories of homes, history, and people, in 2016. Cheers and thank you for reading!