After Two Months On the Market with No Offers, We Sold it in 5 Days.

This is a notoriously hot market, and there's a common misconception that marketing, photos, staging, etc, aren't necessary in the current Seattle real estate climate because of the high demand of homes. However, and especially at the luxury end of the market, marketing still matters. 

We took on a listing that had been on the market for two months unsold. Not one offer had come into play. Here is the way that listing was presented prior to us taking over: BEFORE. Taking on a listing that's been exposed to the market already is extra challenging. We had to find ways to present it as new, make it seem fresh, and try our best to find an audience to engage. Below is Loren's beautiful tablescape with the Puget Sound and Vashon Island as the background. Capturing this moment in the home evokes a feeling and sense of home that wasn't present in the previous listing. 

We also changed the staging (not 100%, just adjustments), and added color and life to the deck. We also worked with our wonderful photographer, Cory Holland, to capture moments and perspectives of the home not quite captured previously. The result, in our opinion, was a home that looked warm, welcoming, fresh, and inviting. 

Within 5 days on the market, we had 3 offers. We closed on this home for just OVER the asking price. We embraced the challenge and accomplished our goal. Our hot market still needs hot marketing!