She got us a great price on the home we were selling.

Cassie was a wonderful agent to work with! We were thrilled working with her. She got us a great price on the home we were selling (two offers within a week!) and was able to get us into our dream home over many competing offers! Love her!
— --Dan and Shannon, Wedgwood to Redmond


We absolutely relied on Cassie's knowledge, experience and very hard work

Cassie expertly guided us through what could have been an impossibly difficult and emotional sale of our long time family home. We absolutely relied on Cassie’s knowledge, experience and very hard work. We do not live in the city where the house is and therefore it was critical to us to find someone who knows the market and who would make it her top priority to make our house rise above the others. I believe we could not have found anyone better than Cassie - she and her team handled every detail smoothly, quickly and we did not have any qualms through the entire process. Incidentally, the process was very short, we had and accepted an offer on the first day the house was on the market. I’m confident the speed of the transaction was in good part due to Cassie. I highly recommend Cassie if you want the best.
— --Jenn and Ken, North Seattle

I believe we could not have found anyone better than Cassie - she and her team handled every detail smoothly, quickly and we did not have any qualms through the entire process.

Green Lake Tudor in Tangletown, Sold for record high price per square foot.

Cassie helped us buy our new house for about 8% below the asking price, while simultaneously getting our dream price for the house we were selling. 

We had the wonderful good fortune to have Cassie & Sol Daughtrey as our realtors earlier this year. They helped us buy a new house in Madison Park, and sell our old house in Tangletown, near Green Lake. We were so lucky! They are the perfect team and make what is a huge, intimidating, emotional experience (buying/selling a house) seem easy, enjoyable and seamless. This was not the first house we bought or sold, nor was it the first realtor we’ve used, but with Cassie & Sol we walked away convinced that there really ARE people who take their job seriously, put the client first, and work their butts off to ensure everything goes smoothly.

First off, the numbers. Cassie helped us buy our new house for about 8% below the asking price, while simultaneously getting our dream price for the house we were selling. In fact, I think the sale of our house set a new record for price per square inch in our area.

That alone would make our partnership successful. But our appreciation doesn’t stop there. Perhaps even more important than the money is the intangible stuff that Cassie & Sol bring to the transaction. To sell our house, the basement needed a lot of TLC. They offered to clean it up, and make it presentable for sale. We appreciated this offer and fully expected to pay Sol for his time. Sol spent many, many hours working away in our basement. He did amazing work and transformed the place! When I asked how much I could write the check for, they would not let us pay. I was blown away that they would put in all this time (and they even paid for some things that needed fixing too) and not expect any compensation. Cassie refers to their services as “the whole meal deal,” and she means it! We were very impressed at the extent of their commitment to their job. When the basement was done and the rest of the house was almost ready for the market, Cassie had a conversation with a fellow realtor about our house. Long story short, that realtor brought her clients over for a “sneak peek” and they offered to buy the house for our asking price, which was more than we expected to get even though the market in Green Lake was heating up at the time. We were ecstatic - a quick sale & our dream price! What more could we ask for?

Some of the specific qualities that we really appreciated about Cassie:

- She is completely reachable at any time of day by text, email or phone.
- She does what she says she is going to do ... and she does it right away!
- She finds solutions to problems that makes everyone feel like they are better off
- She can easily translate arcane real estate documents in a user-friendly manner
- She knows the real estate market very well and can quote numbers & stats easily
- She knows Seattle neighborhoods like the back of her hand
- She works with great people; from the inspector to the handyman to the decorator to the staging folks to the mortgage broker - she surrounds herself with quality, hard-working people like herself.
- Even the realtor selling the house we bought walked away impressed with Cassie and continues to sing her praises
- She has a killer sense of humor ... which was much appreciated in those more serious, tense moments of negotiations

Bottom line — I cannot tell you how amazed I continue to be with her work. She quickly understood our needs/desires and helped us fulfill them quickly & efficiently. I cannot recommend someone more highly - she is simply fantastic at what she does, and I have been telling all my friends and acquaintances that they need to hire the Daughtery team when they need a realtor. To top everything off, I now count Cassie as a friend and I didn’t expect that!
— Kelly & Jon, Madison Park

Cassie somehow managed to turn it around into a
really solid offer after negotiations.  

We used Cassie both to purchase our new home and to sell our old home. She was amazing!

First, in the purchase process, there were several problems along the way. The buyers wouldn’t accept an offer contingent on the sale of our current home, and we therefore couldn’t qualify for enough of a loan to meet the asking price. Though we didn’t think it was possible, after a week of negotiating, Cassie got our offer accepted. Then, after inspection, we found out the house had unsafe (aluminum) wiring. The cost was in the several thousands, and though the sellers had stated they were unwilling to budge any further, Cassie worked her magic again and got them to cover half of the repair costs.

Next, we went to sell our old house. Cassie did back to back open houses the first weekend it hit the market, and by the second evening, we had word that an offer was coming in. Even though it was not a great offer to begin with, Cassie somehow managed to turn it around into a really solid offer after negotiations. Again, we were floored. By this point, the amount of money Cassie had saved us on either end was in the tens of thousands!!!!!

Unfortunately, the offer on our old house was through Redfin, and when the Redfin agent decided to go on vacation and not respond to email or phone calls, the deal almost fell through. The Redfin agent’s negligence meant a delayed closing, which it turn would cost us an additional $2,000 of closing fees (we had an FHA loan that can only be paid off on the first of the month). Cassie had to drop what she was doing and try and track down ANYONE at Redfin (in the end, this meant speaking to upwards of 7 different individuals). Though we didn’t think it was possible, once again, Cassie was able to pull off the impossible, and we were able to push the deal through with no further costs to ourselves.

Cassie is an amazing real estate agent, and worth every penny. She will work tirelessly for you to get the house of your dreams, to sell your house in just a few days for the best possible price, and to make sure that you get the best out of any real estate transaction. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Cassie!
— Asia & Craig, Green Lake/Issaquah
Hi Res-17.jpg

She answered all of our questions and was available constantly. She sold our house in 1 day!!

Cassie Daughtrey is an amazing realtor. I did not know Cassie personally before using her to sell our Fremont house and purchase our new Bellevue residence. I was referred to her through Green Lake Moms. Her work ethic is amazing. She answered all of our questions and was available constantly. She sold our house in 1 day!! We then put an offer on a home the day it went on the market and had everything signed quickly. She negotiated well on both ends and did better than we expected. Even my husband, who is hard to please, was very impressed by her work.
— Athena, Fremont & Bellevue
Green Lake Bungalow, Sold
Green Lake Bungalow, Sold

Green Lake Bungalow. Sold in 2 days. 

I can't say enough positive things about her. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone!

Cassie is an incredible real estate agent and a breath of fresh air in this industry. We went through several real estate/mortgage people before we found her. I just purchased my first home and she was amazing. She is extremely responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable. When I had a million questions, was anxious and OCD about searching for a home, she was on top of it, understanding, and quick to get me the answers I needed. She will go the extra mile to make sure you get what you want. She was out of town and I last minute needed to be let into a house over the weekend and she found and paid someone else to go let me in. She has attention to detail and is aggressive/proactive in advocating for you to the mortgage companies, the selling agents, the banks etc. Cassie tackled our requests with professionalism, efficiency, and hard-work. I can’t say enough positive things about her. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone!
— Megan F., West Seattle

Cassie is an incredible real estate agent and a breath of fresh air in this industry.

West Seattle Beach Bungalow

I'm only putting 5 stars because 10 isn't an option! 

When I was looking for a Seattle realtor, I relied on an internet search and referral reviews because none of my friends had bought homes here in Seattle. When I came across Cassie Daughtery on her site, I had a feeling she would be a perfect match to help me with my home buying needs. I initially contacted her through email to see if she would be able to find me a place with character within a prime Seattle neighborhood that would also be also be a solid investment opportunity. As a single, young professional my ideal place also had to fit within my available finance range.

We started working almost immediately and were able to hone in on the market offerings and get a sense for what was out there that would fit my search parameters. Cassie added incredible value with her savvy business sense, a search strategy to find “under the radar” properties, and an eye for quality construction to lower investment risk. The team approach we took to the search has taught me a lot about sound investing in the Seattle real estate marketplace.

When we found the property I wanted, she also worked with me on a timing strategy to make sure we could get the condo unit I wanted on the best terms. She then proceeded with successful execution using professional negotiation skills and now I have the home I never dreamed I could have here in Seattle.

To sum up, she was a trusted advisor throughout the buying process that also found the savvy deals that matched my location, home ammenity, and investment needs. The added values of identifying investment risk and a drive to really make sure I found a place I would love truly went beyond my expectations. Combining all this with her ability to execute truly makes her service offering a gem.
— Julie R., Belltown
Mid-Century Inspired in Maple Leaf, sold. 
I’m only putting 5 stars because 10 isn’t an option! To say Cassie was amazing would be the understatement of the millenium. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Cassie, we would not own a home right now. Being a military family meant we had some pretty difficult financial and time restrictions. Cassie was able to get us the house we wanted in the perfect neighborhood for a price we could afford. She took on this challenge with professionalism and compassion. When we buy again, I won’t even consider using another agent.
— Katie and Derrick, Judkins Park

To say Cassie was amazing would be the understatement of the millenium.

I used to sell real estate and I have high expectations for an agent. Cassie and her husband, Sol, were fantastic. Knowledgeable and very hard working - they kept us informed every step of the way and they really worked it sell our house. She utilizes several types of technology mediums for marketing and holds open houses often. We couldn’t have been happier.
— Matt & Paige, Green Lake

San Franciscan inspired Craftsman in the heart of Madison Park

Great people that you can trust and will make you laugh along the way. 

After months of searching for our first house, we found our dream home. At this time, we did not yet have an agent but we knew we needed help and we needed help quickly. We called Cassie to represent us, and at the drop of hat, she was there. From beginning to end, Cassie had our best interest first. She would answer calls, texts, or e-mails immediately and would explain every nuance that went into purchasing our first home.

Cassie’s knowledge of the real estate market was top tier and we could trust her with our questions, concerns, and excitement. Even during the snow, Cassie was advocating for us with the listing agent and the mortgage broker to push our closing date. Her tireless effort will always be appreciated.

Finally, her husband Sol was extremely knowledgeable in architecture, home improvements, and first-home concerns. Sol explained any potential issues and also some possible home improvements for us. The Daughtrey’s made our experience fun and satisfying, and we’ll recommend them to anyone in search of an agent. Great people that you can trust and will make you laugh along the way.

Thanks Cassie and Sol for all of your hard work. Our Husky flag is flying high above the garage, we recommend you getting one too!
— Mitch & Jaclyn, Belvidere Terrace

North Beach Brick Cape Cod, Sold

The Daughtrey Team's performance was outstanding

The Daughtrey Team’s performance was outstanding. We began working with them selling our Shoreline home and just finished unpacking in a home they also helped us buy in Edmonds. They’re good, honest, hard working & confident people.

Cassie: Well versed and experienced in all things Real Estate. Has passion for what she does, it’s true. A tireless worker and always working in your favor. Very well connected via laptop and iphone, always in communication with us letting us know how things are going, answering our questions and giving us immediate status updates all along.

Sol: Background in Architecture, he knows construction. Good opinions on homes, both big picture and the overlooked expensive details. House shopping with Sol was always an adventure, he’s pretty freaking hilarious and made hours on the hunt fun. He’s a total pro.

You will not be disappointed.
— Brian, Edmonds

They're good, honest, hard working & confident people.


Maple Leaf Master

Maple Leaf Master

Modern Maple Leaf Kitchen
Modern Maple Leaf Kitchen

...we got lucky because we found Cassie.


I have SO many great things to say about Cassie, I don’t even know where to begin! When my husband and I began the house hunt, we were working with an agent originally who was beyond lazy and even a little bit corrupt (she asked us to lie to her employer about how we met so she could get a bigger commission! Ew!) So when a friend recommended Cassie Daughtrey, I figured I might as well meet her, as no one could be worse than the agent we were already working with.

From the moment we met with Cassie, we realized that not all agents are created equal! This woman is a non-stop, energetic, go-getter who will not sleep until you are living in the house of your dreams! She worked SO hard for us, there were times we couldn’t believe how she would go above and beyond the call of duty (for example - when the seller was refusing to accept our offer because it was a VA loan, she stepped in, applied for the builder to receive a special VA certification, and sweet talked the lady at the VA office to rush the certification through! All of this was done quietly on her end, never letting us know how much behind-the-scenes work she was doing until the deal was done!)

Cassie worked tirelessly to get us into our dream home for a price we could afford - my husband and I still walk around our house wondering how we got SO lucky. Well we know, we got lucky because we found Cassie.

I highly recommend this amazing realtor to anyone looking to buy or sell their home - she is truly one of a kind!
— Randi, Green Lake
I’ve known Cassie personally for over 15 years, which is why, along with great reviews, I chose her representation to buy my first home. It was the best decision I could’ve made. Cassie is tireless, working hours that normal people would be paid in overtime for. Cassie was responsive at all hours via phone, text, email and IM to my admittedly slightly anxiety-riddled queries and confirmations.

Cassie consistently held everyone else involved in the deal accountable and ultimately led the charge to my closing on time. Her lead is exemplary and tenacious. She WORKS for her clients. I would not hesitate a second to recommend her to friends, family, or a stranger. Cassie is a class act hands down and I would seek her counsel on my next home.
— Jason, Belltown

Fremont Townhome, sold in 1 day. 

Belltown Penthouse, The Gallery, Sold

Belltown Penthouse, The Gallery, Sold

Green Lake Craftsman, Sold

 nobody is as good at closing a deal.

Cassie is fantastic at marketing and negotiation. Nobody, and I mean nobody is as good at closing a deal. She sold our house in Ruston a few years ago and it was a monster to sell for three other agents before her. Within 4 months, we were closed, in a tanking market.
We also used her for the purchase of our current home. She went above and beyond to help us find what we were looking for. We saw a ton of homes, but most importantly, she listened to our feedback and focused our search down to those homes we would like. I think she knew what house we’d buy before I did. It was so nice for her to have grown up on the East side, have family there, and know the neighborhoods, schools and local insight. She knew what was good and bad, even though she’s based in Seattle.
I’d also like to add that she’s the most engaged agent I’ve ever met. She drives sellers, buyers, agents, escrow agents, loan officers and is an expert at herding all these cats to close the deal.
My dad was a realestate broker in WA for 25 years. I met a lot of agents growing up. Cassie is the best closer I’ve ever met. She’s tenacious at making sure everyone is on the page and satisfied to close.
— Owen, Woodinville

Cassie is the best closer I've ever met. 

Ballard Tudor, Sold.

Smart, knowledgable, and always the hardest working person in the room. She doesn’t just want to buy and sell houses, she wants her clients to be HAPPY. And she will work tirelessly until they are.

I would never hesitate to send any of my friends, family, or clients to Cassie. The home buying/selling process is a difficult one and you really need someone who is there to be your advocate. That’s Cassie, plain and simple.
— Keri Petersen, Owner/KP Spaces
Mid-Century Modern, Woodway, Sold
Mid-Century Modern, Woodway, Sold

West-facing view, Woodway

We've purchased and sold many properties and dealt with countless agents and none of them hold a candle to Cassie. 

Cassie is a wonderful person and this helps make her an EXCEPTIONAL Real Estate Agent. She’s truly the only agent my husband and I will work with. We’ve purchased and sold many properties and dealt with countless agents and none of them hold a candle to Cassie.
She took our home (that we were selling) and turned it into a profitable sale in under 45 days in a softer than soft market when FOUR AGENTS previous had blown us off because it wasn’t a “hot” property. She willingly took on the extreme challenge of a property in an undesirable home but with huge potential (awesome view) and helped us help buyers see how valuable and wonderful it was.
Cassie is an expert at creating vision, inspiriting passion, and helping show the real potential of properties she’s selling - even the most desirable property will be enhanced with her marketing, her hard work, and her dedication to her art. She truly makes buying and selling an art that could be put on show and enjoyed by so many!
We are now, as I type this, awaiting to hear back about a property we’ve submitted an offer to purchase through Cassie and I can tell you - I’m in a unique position as both a seller and buyer with Cassie. She helps a buyer see the real “guts” of a house and helps steer her buyers clear of common “traps” (something that looks pretty on the surface but has issues with the actual home). She’s really helped me, through this process, hone in on what’s really important to me and my husband when looking at properties.

She’s been ultra patient, at the ready to help, give advice, and has shown us a ridiculous amount of homes (at our request because we really didn’t know where we wanted to live or what we REALLY wanted in a home when we started looking) but really has been open and willing to work within our (ever changing) limits and requirements.

I could write a novel about Cassie’s enthusiasm for her work, her dedication and loyalty to her clients and their best interest, her genuine motivation to have beyond satisfied clients, and her strict adherence to an ethical code above most business people.

She’s simply THE BEST agent out there and your commitment to her will only result in the best outcome for you. You will not be disappointed in any aspect of your relationship with Cassie.
— Kelley, Woodinville
Historic Ballard Craftsman, Sold.